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To Live an Ardent Life
Self Portrait of Sarah McTernen Hi! My name is

Sarah McTernen.

I am an artist made out of creative vision, hard work, and intuition who works out of Lakewood, Washington in the United States. I started my creative life as a writer. I went to my first Young Writer's Conference when I was eight. I fell in love with fantasy and I never looked back. Music became another passion. I sang in choir after choir. Then in middles school I picked up the violin. I have been taking pictures since 1997, starting with cheap disposible cameras then graduating to the bourgeoning feild of digital which I never left. I love photography. I love capturing the light in a way that is unique and can make people stop a second in this busy world, and breathe. In 20010, I began my venture into art jewelry. It started out as a simple gift for my then nine year old daughter and bloomed into a garden of copper and stone. In 2017, or therabouts, I began finding my words again, writing small poems and some essays. Living an ardent life is being free to follow your passions. Some days this means walking into the woods and shooting light through the trees, other days it is writing words on clean paper, or bending copper wire into flowers, and sometimes it is sitting still and soaking in the energy of the universe.

Please let me know if you have any questions, either about Ardent or about myself, by e-mailing me at

Thank you,

Sarah McTernen