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Real World Events 2021
Due to the pandemic, Creative Forces at the Murano Hotel is permanently closed. Please check back for any future updates about where to find my art in the real world.

Book a Home Party! (Not Available at This Time)
Hosting an Ardent Life Jewelry party is a great way to shop at home with friends while earning rewards and discounts on fabulous handmade jewelry. With an Ardent Life party, you love a piece, you buy the piece, and you take it home. There is no waiting for shipping from a manufacturer because you are buying from the artist. If you find something you like but want it a little different (or a lot) we can talk and start the process of creating a custom piece of jewelry for you. Of course custom jewelry will not be created at the party, though I will be glad to lengthen chain and make small alterations.

Host Benefits: You will receive 15% off all of your purchases the day of the party as well as a $10 credit for every $100 in sales that are made from the party.

Family and friends can participate online if they are not able to make it to the party.

Contact me for more information