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Object Art Photography
Buttons change the number of images per line.

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Locks by Sarah McTernen Stop by Sarah McTernen Harddrive Black Sun Net Bow Photography by Sarah McTernen Eye Photograph Japanese Garden
Masts by Ardent Photography Camo Violin Photograph Fremont Troll Photograph Rainier in Freemont Photograph Ballard Photograph Golden Gate Photograph Under Two Bridges Narrows at Sunset by Sarah McTernen
Sepia Nautilus Harddrive Tacoma Photograph Bubbles Abstract PHotograph Tech Photograph Machine Photograph Power Tower Photograph Time Poem Photograph California Colors Photography by Sarah McTernen Karma Photograph
Rigging Fender Tacoma Union Station Photograph Spedometer Photograph Yield Photograph Circuitry Photograph Wheel Curves Photograph Historic Photograph
Plane Photograph Fremont Troll Photograph Playing the Washboard Barn Photograph Puddle Bike Moon over 21st Street Bridge Turquoise Vase Abstract Piano Inside
Pessimism Photograph Stark Violin Photograph Yellow Berkley Photograph Nautilus Seattle Rust Photography by Sarah McTernen Piano Abstract Photograph Gravity Photograph Tacoma in the Rain by Sarah McTernen
Deer Skull Photograph Working Hands Flag Photograph Ginkgo Scanner Photograph Acoustic Guitar Photograph Sanded Metal Abstract Photograph Nautilus Barn Photograph Sign Words Abstract Photograph New Orlean's Sunrise Photograph
Rope Windmill Camo Violin Photograph Rust John's Bike Photograph Optimism photograph Magnet Poem Photograph Magnet Poem Photograph Knot Photograph Graveyard Cross