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Plant Art Photography
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Mushroom by Sarah McTernen Iris by Sarah McTernen Squash Blossom Snowy Rose Raindrops on Leaf Juniper Photograph by Sarah McTernen Cattail Photograph Against Blue Prairie Grass Photography by Sarah McTernen
Dew Drop Chive by Ardent Photography Tropical photograph Fog Behind Pear Photograph Half Wished Photograph Dandelion Photograph Flower Photograph Tree in Fog Cone Flower Photography by Sarah McTernen Flower Photograph In Bud Photograph Chives Photograph Plant Photography by Sarah McTernen
Hawaii Tree Carrot Umble Photograph Fog and Tree Photograph Tomato Blossoms Photograph Spider Rose Photograph Opening Photograph Sepia Rose Photograph Cracks in the Wall Photograph A little bit of light Smoke Photography by Sarah McTernen Moss Photograph
Grasses Nutmeg Trees and Fog photograph Wandering Jew Photograph surreal Photograph Pear Blossoms Photograph Iris Abstract Photograph Comfrey Photograph Sunlight and Grass Birch Photography by Sarah McTernen Poppy Photograph
Tulips Vines on the Wall Beach Twigs Leaves against the Sky Summer Chives Branches in Blue Sunflower Portrait Bee on Dahlia The Last Apples by Sarah McTernen Forest Floor Clover Rowan Tree Photograph
Before it is Wine Photograph Dandelion Seeds Photograph Underleaf Abstract Wild Carrot Prairie Plants Cactus Magnolia Flower Photograph Last Leaf
Fingers of the Sun Sunflower Photography by Sarah McTernen Winter Berries Tulip Photograph Red Leaves Blue Sky Ripe Bananas Summer Solstice Photographt Grasses Photograph Palm Photograph Sunflower Still Photograph
Grass Abstract Rose Abstract Tropical Foliage Photograph Sweet Peas Purple Tulip Photograph Apple Blossoms photograph Rose Photograph Fall Colors Photograph